• style guides
  • logo development
  • standard templates
  • rebranding
  • brand enhancement
  • brand reinvigoration
  • packaging & merchandising solutions

The team at biddle3 have worked with many brands ranging from industry recognised global brands, bespoke retail, significant corporate brands, to those needing to appeal to people on a more personal level such as school and education services brands.

We have:

  • aligned brands to people and culture
  • embedded brand re-freshes across an entire organisation
  • developed end-to-end style guides and templates for improved brand definition
  • been the brand architects for new or emerging brands
  • managed consistent brand implementation for the corporate enterprise
  • executed in the field at decentralised locations
  • challenged brand positioning and led renewed brand strategy with senior leaders
  • created new brand identity and logos to support brand execution or new programs or services

biddle3 strongly believe in the importance of ‘the brand.’
It can enhance your reputation, or hurt it.
It can represent a fresh start, or remind people of the past.

Importantly, brands shape perception!
Whatever your brand challenge, biddle3 will be happy to assist … we also love a challenge!

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