Our approach to Change Management is focused on supporting the organisation, and its people through the transition from one state to another. Like turning water into ice, or heating water to create steam, change requires a significant energy investment. We focus on ensuring that the energy expensed is focused on the future state, and not wasted in conversation, opinion and misinformation.

We understand that poorly planned changes can contribute to poor organisational health which can include decreased morale, stress, lower performance and team synergies, as well as absenteeism and increased employee turnover.

To counter these possible wastes of energy (resources) we utilise a range of strategies, processes and tools to identify and develop leaders to be change champions, support others transition through change, expedite team cohesion, and establish a positive workplace climate and culture, both prior and subsequent to change implementation.

Our team has experienced success in a range of change scenarios, including:

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Organisation redesign
  • Office relocations
  • Introduction of a new business systems
  • Cultural change and team effectiveness

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