• contract management
  • KPIs
  • third party review
  • metrics
  • business reviews
  • performance reviews
  • benchmarking
  • surveys
  • service delivery review

You have put all the hard work into running a competitive process that tested the market and have appointed your preferred provider. How do you make sure that they are delivering?

Of course you have KPIs and Commercial metrics that will provide some insight. What these may not tell you is about customer or consumer satisfaction or how your employees or guests perceive the quality and value of the service.

Do you need an independent perspective?

biddle3 can offer :

  • surveying
  • focus groups
  • mystery shopper and fresh eye review processes
  • benchmarking and;
  • contract management services

Engage us for a single project, or on a retainer over a period of time – we are flexible to partner with you to ensure a best value outcome.

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