• client relationship management
  • database management
  • prospecting
  • lead generation
  • account management metrics
  • analytics
  • customer data recording
  • customer transaction records
  • drip marketing

A tool that any business should have, small or large, is a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). Successful CRM systems capture all key data about prospective, new and existing customers as well as allow you to maintain a strong communication channel with them and generate insightful analytics for internal reporting.

biddle3 has set up from scratch, as well as managed on behalf of diverse and scaled organisations, CRM systems. Programs we are familiar with include: SugarCRM, Maximizer, Oracle CRM on Demand, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo and Act-on.

A CRM is however only as effective as the data input.
Junk In = Junk Out

biddle3 can provide support in any area you require from set up, to data management to pipeline development to marketing.

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