• master of ceremonies
  • event planning
  • event marketing
  • event social media
  • campaign management
  • event delivery

If you need a pair of experienced hands to help you run your next event – from planning to execution, we are here to assist. As operators and business leaders with strong ties to the hospitality industry we have worked with some major clients and supported the delivery of some high profile events. We have also run some very successful fundraising activities and events for community organisations.

Add to this our expertise in marketing, communications and sales and you are looking at a team that can support you in every category of event management and delivery.

Some of the event management components you might consider sending our way:

  • event marketing materials such as flyers, banners, billboards, invitations
  • master of ceremonies
  • social media activation – making sure your event gets the promotion required to target audiences
  • planning and coordination for event day
  • on the day event management
  • event rostering and scheduling

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