Want to harness the potential of individuals, your teams, or organisation ?
Does everyone have an opportunity to share their wisdom ?
Are you looking to synthesise the group’s collective knowledge and insight ?
Need an extra pair of hands facilitating your next conference/event ?

Within our team, we have specialist facilitators who can perform an impartial role in helping groups become more effective. We guide group processes and ensure a balance between group participation and outcomes.

Our great facilitators:

  • Value people and their ideas
  • Think quickly and logically
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Are product and process oriented

Driven by Tavistock & Gestalt theory, we seek to achieve group “a-ha” moments, whilst not boring the quick thinkers or leaving the slower processors behind.

Our independent facilitation can deliver results at your:

  • corporate leadership conferences
  • planning sessions
  • annual off site strategy meetings
  • community forums

Underpinning all of our facilitation work is a genuine commitment to promoting introspection and self-awareness. We encourage participants to take personal responsibility and to ensure authenticity is championed in their actions.

need some help ?

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