Got a question ?
Ask away … we don’t bite !
Here are some questions commonly asked … … ohh … and the answers !

Do you have the resources to scale up or down ?

Yes, we are fortunate to have established relationships with many highly capable and experienced SME’s who offer complimentary services that allow us to flex up or down.

Are you able to travel to conduct meetings, workshops or presentations with our clients in Sydney, Perth, Dubai and Singapore ?

Yes, we will be happy to travel to wherever you (our client) need us to be.  Travel costs will be clearly mapped in our reverse brief.

What makes you different from other management consultants and creative agencies ?

We are not a traditional agency.  We are ‘guns for hire.’  We have been highly successful senior managers and company executives for many years.  We love to value add; we love to make a difference – and our track record as employees and as consultants certainly demonstrates a whole lot of happiness with what we do.

The other unique feature is our ability to integrate Sales, Marketing and People under the one roof – very few third party organisations can offer such an expansive suite of aligned services.

What is your favourite drink ?

Michelle enjoys a skinny flat white and when required (more often than not!) French champagne.
Tim drinks too many strong lattes and is known to favour a craft beer or a refreshing Mojito.

What is a reverse brief ?

This is our way of making sure we have listened to your brief correctly and understand exactly what it is you want us to do.  Essentially, it is our scope of work we are committing to.  We then identify appropriate times, key deliverables and any other information that you may need to confirm that you want to proceed with us.  A reverse brief can be a simple one page quotation with agreement to proceed or, may be a full proposal with a range of metrics and key performance indicators to be achieved.

How is it best to reach you ?

You can find out contact details here (for Michelle) & here (for Tim).

What are your trading terms ?

Trading terms vary pending the nature of engagement:

  • Small one off projects or forecast hourly rate engagement will require an up-front deposit of 50% with the balance to be paid within 7 days of project delivery.
  • Fixed fee projects will be billed as agreed instalments aligned to project deliverables.
  • Retainers will be invoiced at the start of the month for payment terms as agreed.
  • Interim management, short term contracts or part-time work shall be negotiated.

Regardless, we will always seek a portion of the fee structure up front before any work commences as this guarantees you are serious about proceeding and have the required approvals.

What is on the menu tonight ?

Rustic Italian spaghetti with peppers, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, bacon and a whole lot of garlic!

Who inspires you ?

Other than each other and our son, we are inspired by other entrepreneurs who are prepared to take a risk and give it a go!

Who are your clients ?

We don’t kiss and tell!

Our relationship is with you and it is really no one else’s business.

We are also mindful that everyone today is looking for a competitive edge so the privacy of the relationship and how you get ahead needs to be protected.

We can tell you that we will never compromise our integrity and offer the same suite of services directly to one of your competitors as we do not want to have any conflicts of interest.  If any such approaches are made we will apply full disclosure to allow you to make an informed decision about proceeding.

Are you prepared to sign a confidentiality agreement ?

Yes, we have and we will !