Great relationships typically start with  a good conversation.
We like to start all relationships building with a DRINK– a coffee, herbal tea or wine perhaps !
In an ideal world we would love to meet face to face.
Of course, that’s not always possible, or practical, so perhaps a virtual meeting using Skype, FaceTime or Blue Jeans will suit.

The most important part of our relationship is understanding your BRIEF.
We’re ready to listen. We have two ears for a reason!
We want to hear your expectations; your needs; your timetable; your challenges; your budget.

From there, we ‘blue sky’ some ideas and solutions … …
And then we will do a REVERSE BRIEF.
Pending project complexity – the reverse brief may only be a straightforward quotation.
It may need to be a full consultancy proposal, or something in between.

If you are happy with our interpretation, we need a sign off – a GREEN LIGHT.
We don’t start working for you until we receive an agreed deposit – this and the sign off arrangements will be mapped in the reverse brief.
Given a green light for “Go” – we action!

In our reverse brief, we define a schedule and key deliverables.
We deliver according to our promises (or agreed variances – because they sometimes pop up!).

Throughout our project delivery, we ensure a high level of communication with you.
We REVIEW continuously to make sure the brief continues to be aligned to your expectations and timing.
During, and after project completion, we will review with you what could be done differently, better or improved – on both sides!
Then its time to discuss your next projects or what else we can do for you!

We love testimonials for our social media sites; and for you to recommend us to your networks!
We’re happy for anonymity – remember we don’t kiss and tell.

We can be engaged:

  • for one off projects
  • via a retainer for an agreed period of time or number of hours
  • for a fixed term contract
  • for interim management requirements (projects, contracts, consultancy)
  • part time
  • or any other creative terms (within the law of course)