‘If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.’
Our pricing structure is ‘fair.’
We are not the cheapest in the market, nor the most expensive.
We guarantee a quality outcome. and to add value!

a guide

Our transactional services start at $80 + GST per hour.
Our heavy hitting, high impact work escalates to $250 + GST per hour.
We charge disbursements + travel (if required for interstate work) at cost.
Whilst we offer full end-to-end services in each category, we can deliver just a component thereof too.
Your investment really needs to be briefed, quoted and the solution aligned to your budget.
It doesn’t cost you anything to brief us!

we'll find a formula that works

We will be happy to negotiate a day rate; project rates; retainer rates; or fixed rates.
We are sure to find a formula that meets your needs and your budget!