Do you need an inappropriate workplace behaviour independently investigated ?
Are you aware of an informal complaint that needs attention ?
Is your internal workplace investigation process in need of a review or recommendations to improve ?

We help our clients navigate the challenges that come with allegations of harassment, bullying or discriminatory behaviour. Sometimes an informal response is not appropriate. Employers can be held vicariously liable for harassment and bullying behaviour, so it is essential that a complaint be handled well.

Our approach to each workplace investigation is different, depending on the nature of the allegation and the organisation. We are however guided by the principals of fairness, impartiality, responsiveness and thoroughness. We remain focused, objective, and sensitive throughout the investigation process. We remove emotion and establish a common understanding, particularly of legislated standards. We deliver our findings in a written report, which deals with evidentiary matters and provides insight into underlying causes such as lack of capability, culture, and management style.

We have been engaged to assist clients investigate:

  • bullying allegations
  • allegations of misconduct and inappropriate behaviour
  • sexual harassment claims
  • theft and gross misconduct behaviours
  • conflict of interest amongst senior/executive team members
  • data integrity and intellectual property theft
  • breach of National Privacy Principles

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