Do your new hires have “no idea” what’s going on ?
Do you seem to waste time getting new team members working at their best ?
Do you lump new starters onto your most experienced staff and “hope” it all works out ?

Onboarding or (Induction Programs) should ensure your new employees get up to speed quickly.
In an ideal world, your new hires embrace (and yes, even evangelize!) your corporate culture.
They can also make a massive contribution to the bottom line – quickly!

A few days of orientation isn’t sufficient to adequately engage new hires and get them off to a fast start.
With the war for talent in full swing, it’s time to take a fresh approach and transform your existing induction program.

We help out clients:

  • map their new hire experiences
  • review and produce employee handbooks and videos
  • create off-the-job, online, cost effective component delivery
  • produce brand materials to ensure understanding & adoption
  • coach supervisors to ensure delivery excellence
  • review the new employee onboarding experience

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