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Do you have great sales people but they need leadership?
Are your people ad-hoc selling?
Do you identify prospects but have trouble qualifying the lead?
Can you get in front of key decision makers but have trouble closing the deal?

Successful selling, successful key account management and account retention all have one thing in common – a robust process!

There is a lot of theory and consultants who profess knowledge about sales process and what works and what doesn’t. But how many of those recommending process have actually been successful sales people themselves?

At biddle3 we have ‘lived’ it.
We have been at the coalface; we have done the time.
We have led sales teams and account managers; we have refined process to optimise success.

We will be happy to review your existing processes, or establish where one doesn’t exist.
A fresh eyes review is often all you need to inject that needed discipline and rejuvenation.

And where you don’t have a process, you should!

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