• cold calling
  • lead generation
  • prospecting
  • crm system maintenance & entry
  • database management
  • lead qualification
  • research
  • business development

Do you need help to identify your targets?
Would you like someone who has the tenacity, drive and professionalism to persevere in reaching out to potential customers?
Ever wanted to engage successful business development managers yet haven’t been able to find the right talent?

biddle3 has extensive experience in prospecting across multiple industry categories using a range of strategy from social media to cold calling to direct mail to database development to established networks.

Key industry of focus includes: hospitality, education, sports & leisure, security, early childhood education, aged & community care, events, travel & tourism and contracted services.

We have been highly successful in getting past ‘the gatekeeper’ to the key decision makers; this includes C-suite clients. Let us accelerate your potential immediately.
We can support you on a one off project, industry or target category or for overarching strategy development.

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