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It takes a lot of hard work, often over many months or years, to secure an important account or client relationship. It costs more to gain a client than to keep them.

Yet, how many companies find that good clients simply end the relationship.
Or that the person who was once your trusted and loyal client has left the company and their role is filled by someone new who doesn’t have any history about you or the value you have provided?

The art of successful account retention is to have a strategy, a process and a discipline.

Many account managers think they have good relationships with their clients – but do they really?

When a client is first secured it is usually through the key decision maker. But as time evolves, the relationship is usually with a more junior client who does not influence the longevity of the account.

biddle3 can work with you to embed a highly successful strategic account retention process for your most important accounts.

We can also help you to re-tender or re-pitch for business in creative and innovative ways.

Retaining your key accounts makes it much easier to gain new business – it is a win: win approach.

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