Have you got a major issue escalatingĀ ?
Have you identified people, property, data or physical risks and don’t know what to do ?
Are you compliant with WH&S legislation and best practice ?
Need help with WorkCover, Return To Work or Risk Mitigation ?

Risk is inherent in every business.
Having a risk mitigation plan is essential. Risk management is not about eliminating the risk, but instead about mitigating it to within acceptable levels.

We work with our clients to identify the risks inherent to their industry and business. We break these down further by frequency and severity and help our clients develop a risk mitigation plan which is fit for purpose. This includes, not only operational actions (ie. the mitigation), but also the important cultural component. It also includes ongoing reporting and governance controls.

We help our clients:

  • establish Work Health & Safety teams, representatives and sound practices
  • conduct risk assessments of key work behaviours
  • establish anti-bullying and harassment policies
  • investigate near misses
  • investigate and document incidents
  • establish sound Return To Work practices
  • align WHS considerations in roles and job descriptions
  • design and implement cultural change programs

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