• sales process management
  • business development
  • account retention
  • key accounts
  • bid management
  • strategic selling
  • end-to-end sales
  • retention strategy

If this is what you are looking for, we can assist.

We have a range of individual tools and solutions that can support discreet parts of a sales or retention process. But if it is complete support your require, we can provide a fully integrated end-to-end solution to assist your business strategy.

Engage us as your interim sales/business development team.
Engage us on a contract or retainer basis to deliver sales or retention outcomes.
We are sure to find something that is of best fit to your immediate and future needs.

The team at biddle3 has been actively involved in delivering end –to-end sales strategy for some big businesses and dealing with many major blue chip and prominent companies over many years. We are very comfortable tackling complex and strategic sales & retention efforts, including working closely with in-house teams and resources who are critical in supporting the overall effort.

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