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From a provider’s perspective, there is an art to writing a successful tender.

Tenders come in all shapes and sizes from pre-qualification, to request for information, to request for proposal, to request for tender. And then of course there is the ability to respond to ongoing tender evaluation questions and develop compelling presentations.

From a client’s perspective, tender documents can be a challenging exercise to put together within an organisation.

Collecting data, mapping specifications, representing in a way that ensures ease of evaluation that is both quantitative and qualitative and to make sure you get what you want in submissions, conducting tender meetings and briefings and the evaluation itself can all be very time consuming. Many companies have the luxury of procurement teams or departments who prepare tenders. There is also an art to writing effective tender specifications that ensure you get the best offers from providers.

biddle3 has experience on both sides of the fence.
We have written specifications for the client; we have reviewed thousands of specification documents and, we have submitted an extensive array of highly successful and winning submissions.

Why is this a strong category for us?
Because it is in our DNA.

Pitching for and seeking the best business development outcomes is something we have always done. We have the unique ability to understand a brief and then formulate it to a language that conveys clear messaging.

biddle3 can provide tender support to client or provider for one off projects, for a suite of services or just to give you some extra resource when you don’t have a dedicated procurement (client) or business development/sales team (provider).

We can help you develop a template for future or, completely bespoke material – the choice is yours!
Better still we can design and format your submission as well – see our suite of marketing services.

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