sales & marketing

Companies need Sales and Marketing professionals with strong people skills; capacity to inspire and lead; and experienced in harnessing team strength.


Businesses need Human Resources professionals aligned to sales and marketing objectives; with strong commercial acumen and who champion brands, behaviours and outcomes.

we're all 3 !

We can be your Executive Director of Sales.
We can be your Chief Marketing Officer.
We can be your People & Culture Leader.
We can be ALL 3 !

our team

Our principal consultants have a wide repertoire of skills and executive level experience that can meet many demands.
When required our team can scale in size and resources to deliver solutions for our clients.

When we need to, we draw on our extensive contacts in various industries.
We reach out to our trusted advisors, contributors, experts and worker bees to ensure that timelines, expertise and quality measures are met.
No work gets outsourced to individuals we don’t know.
The buck stays with, and stops with us!